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Coaching ROI: Why Business Coaching is Worth It

From athletes to actors, the professionals in any field are the ones who know best the impact that an experienced Coach can bring. The world of business is no different; the entrepreneurs and business leaders on the winning edge often have a secret weapon in their corner: a Business Coach who gets them better results, faster than the competition. Business...

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Business Coach Lessons Cover - Man Playing Chess

6 Lessons to Learn from Business Coaches

A business coach is a professional advisor who uses their entrepreneurial, training and management experience to help you identify your company’s challenges, set specific targets, and hold you accountable for achieving these goals. It’s important to note that business coaches deal with companies of all sizes, as there is a misconception that only start-ups consult business coaches. At Kaizen, the average...

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How Hard Is It to Spot the Leak in your Business?

A few weeks ago, I took my car in for a routine service to the Lincoln service centre. Everything went as normal, I waited while the technician looked over the car… and suddenly he calls me over. The car is up on the rack, and he’s standing underneath with a flashlight in his hands. He points and says “there’s a...

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Kaizen Business Coaching in Dubai with Murtaza

Business Consultants & Coaches in Dubai: What You Need to Know

Firstly, are you looking for a business consultant or a business coach? Often used interchangeably, the main difference between the two terms is that business consultants usually focus on their own niche area of expertise, such as IT, marketing, finances, management, and so on. Business coaches, on the other hand, have a broader view and typically are not onboarded for...

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tall buildings - budgeting after a tough year blog image

Budgeting After a Tough Year

Budgeting isn’t the most pleasant thing to do. Having to justify why each department needs the money (“How much did you say???”) is disheartening enough in good times. Add a challenging previous year into the mix, and “getting budget approved” is now at the top of the never-again list.But, there’s no good business without good budgets, and -...

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business coach Murtaza while coaching business leaders

Why Client Acquisition Cost is Crucial to your Marketing Strategy

Minimum Effective DoseThe Minimum Effective Dose (MED) is simply defined as “the smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome.” The concept has been around for many decades, but has more recently been associated with exercise and weight training in particular. The idea is simple - any resources allocated beyond the MED is wasteful. To boil water, the MED...

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Business Coaching at Kaizen with Coach  Murtaza

Business Coaching in the Age of COVID: A Luxury or a Necessity?

"The only constant is change, and the rate of change is increasing" - Peter Diamandis, Founder of Singularity University The Changing Business LandscapeMaking good decisions in uncertain times is often what great leadership is about. Currently, business leaders are not only faced with an onslaught of external challenges such as market instability and faster growing competition, but also internal challenges within...

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business coach Murtaza in a seminar with attendees raising their hands

The Second Wave of Business Impact (and HOW YOU CAN PREVENT IT)

From the desk of Murtaza Manji:Over the second quarter of the year, local and global economies faced an onslaught of challenges. The immediate response, for many businesses across the world, and in the UAE in particular, was to batten down the hatches and cut any extras costs. This manifested in job cuts, salary cuts, suppliers unpaid, rents and assets unpaid...

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Setting powerful KPIs in your organisation blog image

The 5 Critical Keys to Setting Powerful KPIs

With the growing pressure on businesses, people are working 9, 10, 11-hour days – powering through lunch, typing out reports with one hand while rummaging through a Fattoush salad with the other. Team members have missed birthdays, meals and exercise to try and reach their yearly goals, and yet, is your business truly better served?What metrics (besides revenue and...

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top view highway road junctions - building personal infrastructure blog image

Leadership How-To: Building Your Personal Infrastructure

Infrastructure (def): The basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g. buildings, roads, power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.Living in the amazing city of Dubai, we can almost be forgiven for taking the brilliant infrastructure around us for granted. Assume, for a minute, if Sheikh Zayed Road was closed for a day. Or...

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business coach Murtaza while pointing at the white board

How to Select the Best Business Coach for your Business

There are 7 criteria that you’d want to consider before making a selection. Keep in mind that coaching is a two-way street, so it’s possible that the first coach you speak to won’t be the one you end up going with. Most professional coaches will make that clear to you upfront, so don’t be surprised if the coach asks to...

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business coach Murtaza in a seminar

4 Ways to Increase Business Profitability

Business ProfitabilityThere are two ways to make more profit:a) generate more revenue, and b) lower costs (increase margin) Every other ‘strategy’ will ultimately boil down to one of these two. Either increase the total, or increase your share of it. The latter is a series of articles on its own – and a really good reason to have a great accountant! –...

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Business Coaching in Dubai: How Much Should It Cost?

When we speak to business leaders or senior managers who are considering working with a business coach, there are a few questions that come up again and again. Of those, the ones below are probably the most frequently asked:How does business coaching work – is it just theory / feel-good fluff?Will business coaching work for me / my industry...

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Kaizen workshop on creating a culture of responsibility in your business cover image

How to Create a Culture of Accountability in Your Business

Conversely, stagnation, finger-pointing and under-performance are characteristic of businesses where this culture does not exist. The question that business leaders often ask is: How can we create this culture of accountability in our company? There are two major parts to this question, and each one plays a large role in answering it.Part One: A Structure for AccountabilityIt is only...

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coaching workshop with business leaders

The Investor Obstacles: Common Challenges and How to Maximise Funding Success

The well-known storyline looks something like this: innovative-but-broke entrepreneur comes up with an amazing idea, but can’t fund it. After teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, she meets an investor that believes in her and in the dream, and funds the endeavour. Along the way, the investor also provides insight, ideas and introductions, all which are invaluable for the budding...

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business coach Murtaza during a workshop with business leaders

Three Operational Oversights That Will Cost You Dearly

Winston Churchill famously said: Success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. The quote applies marvelously to business, with every phase, every quarter, and every strategy bringing a new, sometimes unexpected, challenge. At every turning point on your growth curve, there will be the need to revisit previous business decisions, and re-evaluate to see if they...

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laptop showing graphs - managing cashflow blog image

How to Manage Cashflow Effectively

When the discussion of managing financials and overheads comes up, there’s often mixed reactions. It is an unavoidable truth that the language of business is numbers; the University of Hertfordshire showed in a study that one of the biggest causes of business failure was a lack of good, “numbers-based decision-making”. The better your and your team's understanding of the numbers...

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home workspace - strategies business owners can work on remotely blog image

Five Strategies Business Owners can Work on Remotely

If you run a business, and are being responsible about social distancing and staying at home, you’re probably wondering what the heck you can do. It’s a bit of a perfect storm with plummeting markets, virus-related quarantine and uncertain economies. The one thing you can be sure about is that the storm will eventually pass. We may not know how...

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Chart showing how coronavirus is affecting businesses cover

How is the CoronaVirus Going to Affect Businesses in UAE?

Let's get the bad news out of the way first.Yes, there may be another recession coming.But a recession, in and of itself, isn't a bad thing. Think of it like the economy going on a diet.1 - Remove the ExcessDiets focus on cutting excess, not the necessities. There are two kinds of excess in the business world...

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Employee not taking ownership holding a placard Not My Fault

Four Reasons Why Employees Don't Take Ownership

If there was a poll on why businesses don’t excel, the “My employees don’t want to take ownership” option would definitely be in the top three reasons. In the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with business leaders over the last seven years, this issue has been raised almost every single time.So what is it about employment that brings about...

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Money burning due to inefficiency in business

The Real Cost of Inefficiency

Businesses typically sell a product or service that the end customer needs or wants. The profitability comes when the business is able to sell for more than what it costs to produce. This is of course an overly simplified view, but the basic premise remains the same regardless of company size, offering, industry or sector.On paper (targets, plans and...

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hands of women writing during coaching

A Personal Note: Three Game-Changing Strategies for Business Leaders in 2020

With the dawn of a new year, many individuals have made their resolutions. Weight, savings, travels - these are typical topics that many would include in their goals (and - statistics show - most won’t achieve them, unfortunately. Unless you implement the first suggestion below). For business leaders - in particular - I want to offer three suggestions to consider...

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Murtaza while looking to his fellow speaker during a business seminar

Why Automation Matters to Your SME

Fiery debates are sprouting all over the globe around how automation is rapidly changing the landscape for business. Like the digital revolution and industrial before it, a rise in automation points to a new way of doing business for everyone. While major corporations shell out waves of cash to test this new industry — with driverless cars, delivery drones, and...

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A Quick Guide: What to Expect When You Work with a Business Coach

Business Coaching: A Quick GuideTime, money and manpower are all limited resources in any business setting. However, in a competitive and fast-moving economy like the UAE, these resources become even more valuable. Businesses are always under pressure to do more with less. You must enhance your performance while elevating that of your team. In a game with such high stakes...

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Murtaza during a business workshop showing a presentation

Exponential Organisations

Not too long ago, giants like Google, Airbnb, Uber and Facebook started out with a few developers piecing together code from their garage-turned-office. Now they're defining the way we live our lives. It seems a new business-building model -- one some are deeming a Fourth Industrial Revolution -- has risen, characterized by intense technological innovation and whirlwind growth. This has prompted many businesses to ask the...

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Kaizen and leadership coaching to create high perfromance teams

Leadership Coaching & High-Performance Teams: 7 Essential Techniques

What is a High-Performance Team?According to the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), a "high-performance work-team" refers to a group of goal-focused individuals with specialised expertise and complementary skills who collaborate, innovate and produce consistently superior results. Business leaders are constantly under pressure to improve performance and ensure the growth of their organisation. Rapid developments in technology, competitive pressures...

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