When we speak to business leaders or senior managers who are considering working with a business coach, there are a few questions that come up again and again. Of those, the ones below are probably the most frequently asked:
  1. How does business coaching work – is it just theory / feel-good fluff?
  2. Will business coaching work for me / my industry?
  3. How much does business coaching cost?

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The last one is not only an important question to ask – it will also help determine whether this is the right investment for you to make.

It’s normal for entrepreneurs to be concerned about the financial and non-financial investment that business coaching would require. Consider business coaching the same way you’d consider any other investment – here are some key questions you may want to ask:
  1. Do I invest now, or should I wait until _______ ? (The situation gets better, I have more time, I have more money, etc. – fill in that blank however you like).
  2. What is the expected ROI, and is it worth the initial investment?
  3. What is the risk involved – is there a guarantee to ensure I don’t lose out?
In this article, we dive a little deeper into how you should assess the costs and benefits of business coaching in Dubai.

Why Hire a Business Coach in Dubai

Now Vs. Later

Every smart investor will tell you that investing early trumps investing later – even if later means you’ll be able to invest a larger monetary value. In his book ‘Unshakeable’ Tony Robbins emphasises that the biggest mistake people make is not starting early – even if it means starting small.

In order to create massive long-term sustainable impact through business coaching, you need to start making small, incremental changes today in the areas of business that matter. It’s not just about adding more resources or acquiring larger investments, it’s about identifying the gaps, plugging the holes, and knowing where you need to add pressure to give you the greatest gains – in terms of the business’ value, scalability, revenue, culture, innovation and growth.

What is the expected ROI from Business Coaching

Spending Vs. Investing

As a professional, you probably do all that you can to remain healthy and productive. You try to eat right, work out and get enough sleep. You try to make time to keep up to date with industry news and to read the latest business books. You know that a healthy body and a healthy mind enable you to deliver peak performance at work. This personal investment in yourself is the first step to growing your business and accelerating success.

Let’s make a quick comparison: how much does a gym membership cost? The financial cost: On average, say about AED 600 per month. But what about the non-financial costs? And if you’re wondering what those could possibly be, here’s a quick list:

- Travel time to and from gym: average 15-25 mins each way
- Workout time: average 1.5 hours per session (including showering and changing out)
- Healthy foods and snacks (no more cheap fast food)
- No/Fewer late nights, caffeine, nicotine and other substance intake
- No/Fewer popcorn at the movies, cakes at parties and sugars in teas/coffees

On a basic 3 sessions a week routine, it’s already 6 hours a week in just getting there and back, which adds up to 24 hours a month, or about half a working week each month! What would that mean on your average earning-per-hour rate? On a nominal 25K salary, that’s just under AED 4000 per month, in terms of the time it takes.

And yet…people sign up to gyms all the time. Not because they are happy to give away AED 4000 each month and miss out on all the fast food and sugar, but because what they get back is worth much more than the money, effort and time they are investing in themselves. Not spending - investing.

There is a fundamental difference between spending and investing, and until you understand it, you can only be successful through sheer luck. Spending is giving something of value (time, money, etc) without expectations of it coming back. Investing is giving it away, but expecting to come back in multiples. As long as the money and time I dedicate to the gym yields results (better health, better focus and productivity, better life), I’m happy to keep investing. And that is why fit, healthy people always pay top dollar for good personal training. They may need it less than someone significantly overweight, but want and value it the most.

Business coaching is a lot like joining the gym or getting a personal trainer. There is a straight-forward financial investment required to getting a good coach. And the financial returns on that investment are multiple. There are also non-financial, indirect investments involved: trust is invaluable, but if you can’t trust your coach, you’ll hold ideas and information back - the keys to breakthroughs. Another major investment is time: no coach can work miracles overnight; significant changes may take time to uncover, implement and show results. 

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How much does a business coach in Dubai cost?

Is there a guarantee in place?

If you add up all the financial implications of a coaching program, and put a number on the hours you’re investing, plus the intangible - and immeasurable - value of trust, it’s a lot. But if you compare it to the tremendous financial increase, the accelerated learning curve, and your own growth in leaps and bounds - it’s a bargain. The best coaching firms should even offer a guarantee, which removes the risk entirely.

Working with Kaizen, there is a range of investment levels, depending on what your business needs. For younger businesses that are looking to join a Mastermind community of driven entrepreneurs, the investment will begin from $500/month. For the 1:1 coaching options, you're going to be investing between $2500 - $11,000/month, depending on which program is right for you.

All of Kaizen's coaching programs have guarantees in place, to give you the confidence that you're making the best possible decision for your business. 

Read more about our Kaizen 6-Point Guarantee

Every business wants to make more money and improve efficiency, but only few will actually take the steps. And of those, only the best will utilise what they’ve learnt and apply it to bettering their firms. But that’s ok…if it was easy to do, everyone would be doing it. And success will never come easy.

Are You Willing to Invest in a Business Coach?

Create a Strategic Roadmap

Before you hire a business coach, you should ask them a lot of questions – about their experience, process and what they can do for you. You also need to ask yourself some important questions, including how much are you ready to invest towards a better business and a better you, because how much you are willing to invest in the process is an indicator of how committed you are to achieving your overall goals.

The best way to approach this is to sit down with your business coach and work out together:

● What you think you need – your expectations
● What you need to do – your commitment
● What the business coach brings to the table – experience, insight, process
● Business coach pricing model

Book a free insight session with one of our award-winning coaches to create your business coaching roadmap

To return to our analogy of physical fitness and personal training, you will begin feeling a change almost immediately once you start working out, and the longer you spend at it, the more impact it will have.

If you’re ready to invest in business coaching, reach out to us to discuss in more depth what you need as a business leader and how we can help you overcome your short-term goals and achieve your long-term objectives.

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