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Turn This

Into This

Untapped Potential
Nurtured Talent
Fear & Stagnation
Confidence & Differentiation


  • Challenges all around – No clear way forward
  • Fire-fighting & reactive - No breakthroughs (Breakdowns)
  • Feeling 'stumped'
  • Unasked questions
  • Lack of directions and steps


  • Plans, steps, actions and accountability
  • Tackling tough questions head on
  • Breakthroughs
  • Feeling of movement and progress (measurable)


  • Organisational silos
  • Lack of effective communication
  • Everyone pulling in a different direction
  • Inter-department conflicts
  • Inefficiency


  • "Team" instead of "employees”
  • Resource sharing
  • Efficiency
  • Multiplication of results
  • Synergistic growth
  • Alignment with the vision and goals


  • Everybody is always "busy" but things don’t get done
  • Lack of planning- firefighting
  • Ever-growing "to-do" lists


  • Achievements, not just activity
  • Trackable performance
  • Having the right people doing the right things


  • Feeling unappreciated or burnt out
  • No growth in self or team
  • 1 year experience multiplied 10 times vs 10 years experience multiplied once
  • Management vs. Leadership
  • No delegation or ownership of P&L


  • Leaders are being nurtured from within
  • Talent Identification and Management
  • Growth Mindset
  • Leadership not management
  • P&L Owned


  • Reacting
  • Issues and complaints
  • Lack of loyalty (internal and external)
  • Plan not followed
  • Resources inefficiently used (internal and external)


  • Proactivity
  • Plan implemented
  • Team that thrives
  • Efficient resource utilization

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Our success stories

Murtaza gets my highest recommendation as a business coach and mentor. He listened, understood and helped me identify the challenges I was having and gave me the tools to support our fast growing business. He is an invaluable asset for any CEO or business owner as he helps you to strengthen your effectiveness as a leader and to build a strong team to support you.

Julie Leblan, CEO of MyList

I highly recommend working with Julia. The sessions have been absolutely brilliant, beating my expectations on every occasion. I have progressed in many areas of my life and feeling the benefits daily.

George Flooks, CEO Fitness First Middle East and North Africa

I have worked with Murtaza for over a year now and our journey has been very rewarding. There is a magical element that takes place. Every time I meet him we go through the tasks that were set and you are actually able to see progress that you did not think you had made. As a business owner and entrepreneur you are always focused on the bigger picture, what Murtaza has enabled me to do is create a structured way to review my 90 day and weekly goals, and align those goals with my long-term vision for RSA Global.

Abhishek Shah, Managing Director of RSA Global

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