The "Wheel of Sellability"

Is your business “Sellable”? Even if you aren’t planning to sell anytime soon, how much value does your business have, and how much more can you unlock?

If you want to know how you’d rank in terms of scalability and adaptability, take this
90-second test to see how prepared your business is.

Rate your business on the following components on a 1-10 scale, where 1 is “Very Low” and 10 is “Very High"
10/10 is: Having a brand that demands higher price point, less negotiation. Customers ASK for your brand.
10/10 is: Product/Service can not be replicated. IP is owned and/or Products are Patented.
10/10 is: High GP%, and consistently positive NP%. New customers increase NP%, not decrease it.
Retainer/Repeated Rev.
10/10 is: Future Revenue is confirmed, and previous clients keep returning. Contracts for long-term work in place.
Autonomy - Strategy & Finance
10/10 is: Management team in place that set Strategy, manage Finance. Company will grow even without owner being present.
Autonomy - Ops & Sales
10/10 is: New business and delivery all runs without owner's involvement. Business will continue making money even without owner present.
10/10 is: Business can easily handle 2x customers, can expand into new geographical regions, all without compromising profitability or quality.
Longevity of Bus.
10/10 is: Business is 'future-proof'. Changes in technology, regulation, will not make the business obsolete.
Customer Reliance
10/10 is: No single customer is too big to lose. Business can fire a client that does not align with business values.
Supplier Reliance
10/10 is: No single supplier is vital for business survival. Business can easily switch to a different supplier if necessary.
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