Over the last 11+ years, we have worked closely with leading SMEs and organisations around the world, implementing the winning Kaizen systems in over 1,450 businesses.

The results so far:
  • Average revenue growth of 42%
  • Funding and investments of over $250m
  • Thousands of jobs created

Now…we bring these to you. This new Program has been painstakingly engineered for businesses who are still young or small, but who dream BIG! If your revenue is in the $250K range, and/or if you have a team of less than 5 employees, you’re in the perfect place.

If you want to grow, to scale, to multiply…this is for you. Results within 90 days, GUARANTEED.

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Here’s what some of our clients have said:

  • UK, Medical Services - "I actually feel like I am running a 'proper' business now instead of the business running me!"
  • US, Books seller - "In 6 months I achieved 100% growth in my business"
  • UAE, Tech Startup - "Kaizen got me more results in 90 days than all my previous coaches had over 2 years”
  • Canada, UX Design - "We achieved our 5 year goals in 2 years!"

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